Monday, June 29, 2015


This winter Ive joined on with the guys at Loqules .
They offer an experience for the general public to get the opportunity to go an hang out 1 to 1 or with a crew of friends with a Sportsperson , Celebrity or Local Icon .

I decided to join on because I want to show people  how truly amazing an special my back yard is  .
Ive been shown so many amazing places around the world by cool people who have gone outta their way .
I thought it would be rad to give a little something back an stoked people from all walks of life out .

Through Loqules people can book an experience with me an I will take
them snowboarding , show em some of my favourite runs up Cardrona , give them some pointers on the slopes an then afterwards catch up over a drink where I can answers any questions or advice they might have .

Jump on the Loqules website an get booking , this winter here in N.Z is shaping up to be a banger !!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Early Season Images

Early Season Images 

Coming home from overseas an seeing the new publications is always something that stokes me out every year .
Since being a young kid right up till now , its still that same feeling of excitement opening up the magazines an looking at all the great images inside , seeing where your friends have been shredding for the winter an reading all the great articles 

Here are some shots I featured in below :

Cover of Aust /NZsnowboarding plus a feature story inside 

Front3 trick-tip in N.Zsnow 

Front side 7 double pager 

Indy off the summit of TC

Contents page of N.Zsnowboarder , method  in Japan 

Method shot from Mt Olympus 

Insight article Manual Mag , Tree bonk Arlberg Austria

Double Page Volcom Ad - Manual Mag

Quest Ad, front 3 from Japan

Double page spray , Manual Mag

Full pager from German magazine - Pleasure Mag

Spray shot , Pleasure Magazine 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coastal Time

Fishing / hunting trip with the boys this past weekend .
Much needed time over at the coast , great to get away an back into Nature 

Winter is just about to fire up here an the mountains open this weekend :) 

Looking forward to being in the mountains again an kicking the winter in N.Z off !

First kill of the trip , Grieveo in there with the knife 

The best name for a fishing boat ever !

Filliting fish back at the wharf 

Grievey weighing in Ling 

Stevie an Sauce, thristy Ling 

Weigh in 2

Matty an the seal shark

Seal shark getting put back into the Ocean

Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Northern Hemi winter .

Japan - NZ - Europe - Sweden .

This past winter in the Northern Hemi has been quite busy to say the least .

I started of in northern Japan just after xmas time an was there for 5 weeks in the Island of Hokkaido .
Japan had another record winter with consistent snowfalls through out January - Feb 

I came home for the birth of our daughter Lilan Ursula Jackways mid February which was an amazing .
Such a cool feeling to welcome some1 so special into the world .

After being home for a month I then went to Europe to shoot with Volcom an then on to Sweden for a heli trip with Antti Autti an Arctic Guides.

Some images below of the whole season recap , there will be a couple of edits coming out also .

Hiking to the goods in Japan an putting in the boot pack to session .

Evening glow in Niseko 

Method into the pocket while filming 

Mandatory cuisine shot  , Miso Ramen stable diet in Japan

Hanging the nose over before dropping in .

Sea of Japan , during a sight seeing / Scoping day

Mt Yotei - Thumbs up !

Dusting off the board in Laax before heading up for another hit

Toe-side slash 

Sinking the edge into some of Laax's finest 

Standing alone atop of the kicker , ready to session - Vernon Deck photo

Hiking in the tree's during an Arlberg blizzard   - Vernon Deck photo

Pow turn on the way down to Lunch - Vernon Deck photo

Punching out of the smoke cloud - Vernon Deck photo

Scenic shot from our cabin balcony in Bjorkliden Sweden

Antti testing out the snowpack on our first heli run 

Antti ready to drop ( its a long way down ! ) 

The view form the drop in 
An the view below 

Antti an Anders the guide looking at potential lines

A quick glimpse on the way up , then before you know it your ontop of the line 

The view from below 
Options ...

More options….

Sweden's beautiful landscape from the heli window 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interpretation Film

Here is the full movie of Interpretation  .

It was a great time filming this with Tim an such a privilege  to be able to show people all over the world what  N.Z has to offer.

Please enjoy .

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 NZ Season finished

Just like that the 2014 Winter season here in N.Z is done .

Nothing crazy snow-wise or anything for the books but a handful of great powder days an a month of straight blue weather in August which is unheard of .

Overall the season here went great an conditions were good on the whole .

I filmed with Antti Autti for his 2 year project up Cardrona an Treble Cone which comes out very soon  

We also filmed an edit for the WHC event here in September .

Below are a small collection of images thrown together from the season just been .

Early season hiking to get the legs strong an staying fit , this track is Rocky mountain an has some of the best lake an landscape views of the area 

Mt Roy track above Wanaka is a grulling 3 hour climb up , but the views from the top are amazing !!

Early season snowfall  + an early morning departure for Cardrona .

Method off the hip jump into the Gully ,  Treble Cone 

Indy dropper off the Summit of TC - Brent Screen photo

Front 3 Gully jump 

Temple Basin has the steeps an good views to match 

Mac James approach 

an Attack !

Early morning pipe Shoots Cardrona , Shay Williams photo

River surfing in Hawea during winter requires good rubber - Pure Pixel photo

Views up TC ...not too bad .

Antti Autti ally's over the Cardona Valley an Lake Hawea .