Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hokkaido Trip 2016

I just returned home to N.Z from 5 weeks in Northern Japan on the island of Hokkaido .
This was my 11th time visiting Japan an every year I go it just gets better an better 

Snow conditions were once again amazing the whole trip an I was lucky enough to meet up with some great people during my stay  .

Below are a small collection of random images throughout out the trip .

Massive thanks to my sponsors for their support an also to Holiday Niseko an the crew there .

Enjoy :) 

Token Peace sign shot under a mushroom.

Out for a hike to get the summer legs back to Winter .
Popping a tail grab into the unknown .

Erik Leon from the US air's 1 over his filmer John .

Bode Merrill - Asmo run down the Barriers .

Night shred at Hirafu is an absolute must if visiting Japan .
Looking over the roller for options .
Glen Clayton photo

The chairlift that gets you to the good stuff  , an 1 of my favourite Chairs in the world .

Couple of options down this pillow line .

Looking over the edge an into the distance 

Mt Yotei - Full Bluebird 

Mr Fox - chilling ….

Front 3 on the Slash Nahual .

Bluebird an frosty tree's 

Slashing on the way down to Ramen .
Glen Clayton photo

Perfect Mushroom sighting 

Method over the Tree .

Lost in my own spray .
Glen Clayton photo

Scoping out the line as the morning sun hits 

Stalefish over the pocket 

Guy in the sky over Mt Annupuri 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


In January this year I was fortunate enough to spend some good time in Hokkaido Japan .
We produced a video Edit called Bento, showing people an experience in Backcounty Japan .

Big thanks to Monster Energy an also Holiday Niseko for helping with everything .

Have a watch of the piece an enjoy some of the photos below .
All images - Riley Bathurst 

Mt Yotei looking pristine 

Dropping off the roof in town down Hirafu , this was the 1st film shot we captured for the movie 

Stalefish in Barrier land 

Visiting 1 of the many special Shrines in Kutchan .

All that snow is great , but at the end of the day somebody still has to clear it away from the house.

The sea of Japan looking out towards to Otaru 

Japanese Birch Tree's looking so unique as always 

Leaving a mark on a blank canvas 

Tail Grab into the last of the good light that day 

This place was closed for business 

Planning the next adventure an looking at weather systems online ….snow , snow an more snow 

Unique bridge in Hirafu 

Method into the Abyss 

Stalefish in Barrier land 

Taking 1 down the 5 much line 

Poping an Indy over the tree 

Scouting lines an pondering the hike ….

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NZ Winter 2015

Another winter in N.Z comes to an end as the warmer weather starts to hit us here in Wanaka .
This 2015 in Wanaka was 1 for the books snow- wise as we had consistent top ups through out the season . 

I mainly spend my time riding in the Southern Lakes region mostly up Cardrona with a few days at TC mixed in aswell , I was also lucky enough to spend some time in the Heli shooting for various media outlets .

Here are a bunch of images below to sum up the winter just gone .

A few months of summer here an it will be time to head away again oversea's again , not sure where just yet, but for now the boots have been hung up an we've been enjoying the warmer weather an longer days .

Tail to Fakie up Cardrona - PurePixelnz 

Over the clock tower up Cardrona - Purepixelnz photo

Morning light up Cardies - purepixelnz

Ally Oop up Cardies - purepixelnz 

Natural launch ramp , TC

Frontside Air up Cardrona - Shay Williams photo

Getting Lilian up on the snow at Cardrona - Shay Williams photo

Looking into the backcountry up Cardrona - Tim Pierce photo

Family portrait , Cardrona Superpipe 

Frontside slash, Hawea river- Ali Innes photo

Hawea Riverwave - Ali Innes photo

Tail grab off triangle rock, Cardrona , Tim Piece photo

Airing into the gully up TC

Sam Smoothy an myself getting ready to drop out Helisking 

Just me , plus an amazing backdrop 

Whiteroom turn , Cardrona - Tim Piece photo

Tail grab up Treble Cone - Tucker Patton image

Method off the summit up TC , Tucker Patton

Method into the Chute , TC - Tucker Patton

Toe Side turn out the back of TC - Tucker Patton image

Sam Smoothy an I ready to drop in, out Heli with Harris Mountain

Looking over the edge up TC - Johnny McCormack

Airing over TC- Johnny McCormack