Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Interpretation Film

Here is the full movie of Interpretation  .

It was a great time filming this with Tim an such a privilege  to be able to show people all over the world what  N.Z has to offer.

Please enjoy .


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 NZ Season finished

Just like that the 2014 Winter season here in N.Z is done .

Nothing crazy snow-wise or anything for the books but a handful of great powder days an a month of straight blue weather in August which is unheard of .

Overall the season here went great an conditions were good on the whole .

I filmed with Antti Autti for his 2 year project up Cardrona an Treble Cone which comes out very soon  

We also filmed an edit for the WHC event here in September .

Below are a small collection of images thrown together from the season just been .

Early season hiking to get the legs strong an staying fit , this track is Rocky mountain an has some of the best lake an landscape views of the area 

Mt Roy track above Wanaka is a grulling 3 hour climb up , but the views from the top are amazing !!

Early season snowfall  + an early morning departure for Cardrona .

Method off the hip jump into the Gully ,  Treble Cone 

Indy dropper off the Summit of TC - Brent Screen photo

Front 3 Gully jump 

Temple Basin has the steeps an good views to match 

Mac James approach 

an Attack !

Early morning pipe Shoots Cardrona , Shay Williams photo

River surfing in Hawea during winter requires good rubber - Pure Pixel photo

Views up TC ...not too bad .

Antti Autti ally's over the Cardona Valley an Lake Hawea .

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Interpretation film

Last year during the 2013 winter I teamed up with my good friend Tim Pierce an we created Interpretation .

We've know each other forever an have grown up in Wanaka since we were young , so it was a great feeling to team up with a good friend an amazing filmer such as Tim.

We both wanted to capture riding in NZ at its finest an show people around the world what we have in our own back yard .

Not only did we shoot snowboarding, but we tried to capture everything that is special to me in some way an showcase living in Wanaka as my home .

The full movie will be out in November 2014 an the teaser is here below along with some images that were shot through out the piece .

Please take a watch an look out for the full piece when it drops in November , special thanks to all that were involved in making it possible including , Volcom , Cardrona ,  HMH ,  Lake Wanaka , Antti Autti  an Northlight pictures .

Dropped off an saying later to the Heli 

Slashing a wave on the way down to lunch

Riding with the Heli mid run.

Frontside air up Cardrona 

Thumbs up for flying .

Will Jackways Interpretation TeaserFull Documentary online release November 2014. Touring film festivals world wide 2014 & 2015. Director / DOP / Editor - Tim Pierce Colourist - David Maclaren Sound…


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Approach & Attack 2014

Over the past 2 years It has been a privilege to film an hang with my good friend Antti Autti as he travels the world working on his newest  production Approach & Attack .

I filmed with him in Norway , last year in N.Z an now we plan to finish up the movie with some more filming around the Southern Lakes of N.Z

Its been an absolute blast working together an Im excited for his project .

The movie is set to release online in November 2014 an will showcase amazing snowboarding filmed all round the globe including Japan , Europe , Alaska , Norway an New Zealand .

Take a minute to check out the teaser an be sure to keep an eye out for when the movie drops in November .

Below is the link an also some pictures shot in Norway on our past trip shot by Jani Karppa
Jani Karppa -  http://www.lappikuva.fi/

APPROACH & ATTACK - TEASER 2014Second teaser of Approach & Attack With help from local riders, Antti Autti and friends go deep in the backcountry in Approach & Attack, a snowboarding movie…

Hiking views
Pic- Jani Karppa

Front 3 tap
Pic- Jani Karppa 

Morning stretch before flying
Pic- Jani Karppa

Pic - Jani Karppa

Pic - Jani Karppa

Ollie over tree 
Pic - Jani Karppa

Pic- Jani Karppa

Barrel spray
Pic- Jani Karppa

Pic- Jani Karppa

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Japan extended version

Here is an extended edit from Japan .
The 1st video we put out was mainly just a snowboard style vid with shot after shot etc....

We wanted to create another video an show people the feeling behind it an what goes into a few months in Japan an why we visited there .


A big thanks to Monster Energy for supporting the Project an also to Ashley Nichols at Holiday Niseko

The season in N.Z is starting to take shape now with a few consistent snow falls .
Cardrona an TC have been amazing the last few days , this shot below was from up TC a few days ago .

Pic: @abbylockhart

Pic : Brent Screen

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cardrona Park Kicker

Hitting the new park jumps up Cardrona is always so fun .
I was playing around with the new Ion Air pro 3 camera an got the POV image below .

Looking forward for it to start snowing again .

Front 3 shot from the knuckle 

Front 3 shot with Ion in hand 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Early season Cardrona 2014

Early season riding is always so fun for me as its a great way to get back on snow an make a slow start towards the winter .

Taking easy laps with friends an enjoying the chairlift runs before shooting an filming begins

This past week, I enjoyed venturing out the back of Cardrona to a newish zone I had been scoping .
We found nice snow an the back drop into the Cardrona valley was amazing .

Here's some images below , all shot by Riley Bathurst an also an article Mountainwatch ran .