Monday, April 28, 2014

Northern Norway & Alaska

During the winter this year I was stoked to go on a couple of great separate film trips .

The 1st being to Tamok in the far north of Norway an then back to Haines in AK .

Norway was an absolute blast an really beautiful .
The scenery , snow conditions an overall crew really made the trip a highlight for me .

Anybody who hasnt experience Norway , its a must !

Haines AK was awesome this year as well .

Alot of people decided to not film there because it was alot lower snow-wise than previous years .
It was a quick trip for me , just 6 days an although it would have been nice to stay awhile up there , 

It was nice to get a few good days then leave . 

Views down to the fiords in Lignin .

I rode this fun chute on my 2nd day , it was a great way to feel out the snow an burn out the jet lag with a decent hike .

This was the heli in Tamok that we used . 

Amazing shredded , good friend an awesome host / Guide in Norway Antti Autti made the trip super fun an memorable .

Hiking to the spot , token back- drop shot

This year I decided to catch a flight to Haines , its just a quick 40 minutes from Juneau an the views were awesome up front .

This was the 1st face we rode in Haines , the snow was great an the morning light on it lit it up so well .

View from the top before dropping in , 3 ..2 ...1 dropping 

Gigi Ruff sends a cab 3 nose during lunch time break 

Birthday bowl coming in hot .

Big time Hammers in Haines AK .

Gigi an Elias Elhardt looking over the ridge for possibilities 

Dirty Needle a famous line in AK looms in the back drop .

Totem Pole in Haines downtown .

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Japan Edit

Last winter I spent some time in Hokkaido Japan .

It was a great time over there , with alot of snow  .

Quite hard work at times to film an hike around in , but all worth it in the end :)

This is the edit that Monster put out an produced .

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ion partnership

After the World Heli Challenge 2013 I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the great people at Ion Cameras .

Im really glad to say that Ive joined up with them an they are supporting me with my Snowboarding Career .

Im stoked to be using their products an below are a small example of what the Ion Air 3 can produce , I will upload videos throughout winter aswell

Wearing the Head mount whist filming at Mt Baker WA
Image : Greg Roebuck 

Great fun using the camera in the Park with my solid hand held mount .
Shot in Breckenridge CO

Also really good to use in the back country attached to head cam mount .
Shot at Stevens Pass WA

Perfect for just throwing in the snow to capture good moments when your filming an getting that extra angle .
Sochi Russia .