Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back in Wanaka

Ive been back in Wanaka now just over a month , an its been amazing .

Its so nice coming back here every year after being away traveling ,  even tho I grew up here I never get board of this place  , there;s so much to do an it truely is a paradise  
Temperatures have been super warm recently for this time of year  , an its been great getting out on the golf course most day ,  Mt biking round the lake lots , catching up with friends again an getting abit of fishing done

My buddy Rupert has been helping me get back into flyfishing , an its been a great challenge an alot of fun .
there are some great places to fish around here  with alot of river an streams offering good fishing .

I also shot up to Auckland , thanks to Monster for a Bigair event they had in the city  ,   It was pretty awesome considering there wasnt much snow an the size of the jump wasnt huge  ,  a great weekend catching up with friends an having a few jumps .

Starting to snow now in Wanaka , so will update next with some shredding shots .

Stopped in at Ohau stream by kaikoura to visit the baby seals , 
 a big recommendation .

Abs an Layla on our morning run . 

Came across these 2 having a chat , on our way to go fishing .

Rupert in action .

Catch an release .

Got my first 1 in ages .

This was the jump setup  , right down on the water 

Moto dudes were there getting radical  .