Monday, June 29, 2015


This winter Ive joined on with the guys at Loqules .
They offer an experience for the general public to get the opportunity to go an hang out 1 to 1 or with a crew of friends with a Sportsperson , Celebrity or Local Icon .

I decided to join on because I want to show people  how truly amazing an special my back yard is  .
Ive been shown so many amazing places around the world by cool people who have gone outta their way .
I thought it would be rad to give a little something back an stoked people from all walks of life out .

Through Loqules people can book an experience with me an I will take
them snowboarding , show em some of my favourite runs up Cardrona , give them some pointers on the slopes an then afterwards catch up over a drink where I can answers any questions or advice they might have .

Jump on the Loqules website an get booking , this winter here in N.Z is shaping up to be a banger !!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Early Season Images

Early Season Images 

Coming home from overseas an seeing the new publications is always something that stokes me out every year .
Since being a young kid right up till now , its still that same feeling of excitement opening up the magazines an looking at all the great images inside , seeing where your friends have been shredding for the winter an reading all the great articles 

Here are some shots I featured in below :

Cover of Aust /NZsnowboarding plus a feature story inside 

Front3 trick-tip in N.Zsnow 

Front side 7 double pager 

Indy off the summit of TC

Contents page of N.Zsnowboarder , method  in Japan 

Method shot from Mt Olympus 

Insight article Manual Mag , Tree bonk Arlberg Austria

Double Page Volcom Ad - Manual Mag

Quest Ad, front 3 from Japan

Double page spray , Manual Mag

Full pager from German magazine - Pleasure Mag

Spray shot , Pleasure Magazine 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Coastal Time

Fishing / hunting trip with the boys this past weekend .
Much needed time over at the coast , great to get away an back into Nature 

Winter is just about to fire up here an the mountains open this weekend :) 

Looking forward to being in the mountains again an kicking the winter in N.Z off !

First kill of the trip , Grieveo in there with the knife 

The best name for a fishing boat ever !

Filliting fish back at the wharf 

Grievey weighing in Ling 

Stevie an Sauce, thristy Ling 

Weigh in 2

Matty an the seal shark

Seal shark getting put back into the Ocean