Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 Winter away , NZ winter start

Long over due Blog update here , just wanted to plast up some images from this winter gone an update some from being back home an starting winter here . 

This winter away was a real blast , I spent 2 full months in Hokkaido Japan where I filmed a Web video for Monster , then i travelled to the US / Canada where I filmed in Stevens Pass an Whistler BC 

I also managed 2 separate trip to Alaska an they were very much a highlight .
AK is a place every1 ( snowboarder or non snowboarder )  should want to experience an the riding there is insane .

This winter Im working on a project with Tim Pierce called Interperation , an its been a good fun winter so far .
Will up date some more images from NZ .

Below are a bunch of random images from my time away an a couple from being back .

Back1 over the road barriers in Hokkaido Japan - Riley Bathurst photo 

Road Tunnel Jib Hokkaido Japan - Riley Bathurst 

This line was whilst I was shooting for Enlighten an was taken in Whistler by Scott Serfas

Switch Indy , Whistler - Scott Serfas 

A solid back county crew for 2 days of filming in Haines AK 
Forrest Shearer , Bode Merrill , Pat Fenelon , Oli Gagnon an Chris Coulter 

Ak pat down diving board to begin run 

This eagle was always chilling on the road side in Cordova an never minded that we always stopped to take pictures .

Helicopter dwafted by massive Alaskan peaks

The terrain in Haines AK is no joke an this day we rode some fun lines .

Justin Lamourex a Canadian buddy repels down to film me riding a chute in B.C

Mendenhall Glacier just outside or Juneau AK , an amazing place to visit 

We rode these awesome lines during our 2nd day flying with Points North Heli in Cordova 

Boot pack to no-where .

Strapping in an getting ready to drop , the back drops dont get better than this , Glacier an ocean all in view 

The view from the top of you run always looks different from the heli or the bottom , take a few deep breaths an then let er rip .

Filming local lines up Cardrona with my good friend Tim Pierce is just like old times .

I rode this Chute early July whist flying with Harris Mountain an called it the pencil , a great morning warm up that turned out to be a great day filming with Tim,  Mt Aspiring in the back ground . 

Big an clean west coast swell, a nice way to enjoy being back in NZ after a busy winter away .

End of the day sunset.