Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hokkaido Trip 2016

I just returned home to N.Z from 5 weeks in Northern Japan on the island of Hokkaido .
This was my 11th time visiting Japan an every year I go it just gets better an better 

Snow conditions were once again amazing the whole trip an I was lucky enough to meet up with some great people during my stay  .

Below are a small collection of random images throughout out the trip .

Massive thanks to my sponsors for their support an also to Holiday Niseko an the crew there .

Enjoy :) 

Token Peace sign shot under a mushroom.

Out for a hike to get the summer legs back to Winter .
Popping a tail grab into the unknown .

Erik Leon from the US air's 1 over his filmer John .

Bode Merrill - Asmo run down the Barriers .

Night shred at Hirafu is an absolute must if visiting Japan .
Looking over the roller for options .
Glen Clayton photo

The chairlift that gets you to the good stuff  , an 1 of my favourite Chairs in the world .

Couple of options down this pillow line .

Looking over the edge an into the distance 

Mt Yotei - Full Bluebird 

Mr Fox - chilling ….

Front 3 on the Slash Nahual .

Bluebird an frosty tree's 

Slashing on the way down to Ramen .
Glen Clayton photo

Perfect Mushroom sighting 

Method over the Tree .

Lost in my own spray .
Glen Clayton photo

Scoping out the line as the morning sun hits 

Stalefish over the pocket 

Guy in the sky over Mt Annupuri