Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Back to Whistler

Been back in Whistler now for about a month , an winter still seems to be in full swing here even tho its almost may , have had some super fun days out there recently an things have been going well .

Had a couple minor mishaps with the sled like breaking belts, rolling it abunch an some mechanic issues , but shes still going strong.

The terrain in the Whister b/c really blows me away everytime an it seems constantly endless , everyday always finding new stuff to hit

I was also recently apart of The Show , a unique snowboard event put on by Monster Energy .
they partnered up with the Telus ski an snowboard Festival to produce an amazing week  of shredding ,  partying an wild antics .

Im off to Lake Louise tomorrow for a few days with Monster  an then after that down to Super Park 15 in Bend Oregon , so should be a fun packed few weeks .

Enjoy the shots below an Ill try update when Im back 

Playing with birds waiting for the sun

This guy sat on my board for ages ...

Roebucks was there shooting 

Allyooping in the 'Dustin Craven pipe jam"

Abby pow turn down to the lake

End of the day zone .

Sessioned this natural roller

Hiked some steep lines in Brandywine

Hit this gap Jump, pretty fun

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hot pooling

A few weeks ago we went an checked out some rad Natural hot Springs that our buddies up Stevens Pass told us of , there located in deep in the trees in Washington an take about 1 hour to hike to , it was such a treat and an awesome way to finish a  great day ..

Heading up to Whistler for some sledding , an spring riding .
Next post coming up soon

Hot springs from above .

Abby stoked after the hike

Head cam shot airing into some mini spines .