Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Post season wrap .

Ive been back in N.Z for over a month now an looking back this past season was everything that good times are made from .

I lived in BC for about 4 months an although they have alot of Grey an snowy days which can be challenging to film in , they had a great snow year with tons of pow  .

I travelled around abunch , rode with different people an made some rad new friends .

Filming for VG was a real honor an truely an awesome experience  , something that Im pumped I was apart of .

The movie comes out in September , so until then here are a bunch of images from the  last few weeks filming 

I also took a few days off to film an Episode for Airtime , a TV show here in NZ
heres the Link :

Abbs B/3 on the jump when we have lunch .

Cliff Scooping 

Danny Larsen from Norway , cab 7  Mt Baker 

Stevens Pass blue bird , good crew 

Natural Tree olly / Jib

Will Lavigne back 5 

Abby enjoying the views over Squamish BC

Natty Back 3

Silhouette wedge 

Spinning into the Whistler back drop .

French canadian rail destroyer Phil Jacques joined us for a few days in spring , Front 7 tail 

Jake Kuzyk takes in the sunset after a days filming .