Monday, March 5, 2012

Enlighten Winter

This Winter here in Canada has been a great learning experience an good times .

Ive been lucky enough to be invited to film with Video Grass crew for there latest project Enlighten which will be out in September .

The crew Ive been spending time with are rad an very motivating to learn from an be inspiried by .
some of the riders I film with Ive looked up to most of my snowboard career so its a humbling experience to spend time with them an enjoy winter together .

As any winters go Ive had some up's an down's but for the most part its going great an everyday someting new an always fun times .

Here are some images form the last few weeks an the Englighten teaser to get you amped .
Be sure to get the movie when it comes out in September  .

Teaser  :

Bald Eagle up the Squamish Valley .

Down day in Squamish hiking to Shannon Falls

Screen grab of a buddy 

Early mornings sled rest  before the sun is up .

Heading home after a good day , sunset .

Bryan fox front 5 nose 

Matt Belzile front 3 

Beauty Scenery .

Minor mishap for me resulted in visiting the Doc an some stitches .