Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back in Canada .

Been back in Canada now for about a month ,always so nice coming back here an getting set up again.

Spent a couple days on Bowen Island when i arrived hanging out an getting the truck an sled dialed in
Been living up in Squamish an sledding out here a bunch over the last 3 weeks an things have been going well .
Good snow , good weather .

Planning to stay here for the most part of winter an travel around down to the US aswell .

Will throw up more images shortly 

Bowen  Island sunset .

Crew taking 5 .

Eero can ride his sled good !

Wedge ready to go .

John J speed test an final pat down.

Had a good session on this famous Whistler step down.

Eero Niemiela switch back 5.

Mikey Rencz front 7 .


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Videos form N.Z Season

Here are some links to some of the Videos I did this winter in N.Z
Enjoy .

Early Season check out :

Method TV check out :

Diaries Trip  :

Sledding POV :

ESPN FaceTime :

Will & Friends EP 1 :

Will & Friends EP 2 :

Sunday, January 22, 2012

N.Z Season

Our season's back home are always so fun , event tho its quite alot shorter than when Im over in the U.S , if conditions are good , N.Z cant be a great place to shred an hang out an of-course returning to my home town of Wanaka after being away is always a treat .

Heres are some images from this winter gone ,  an some of the highlights that stood out for me .

Early season Cardrona shredding
World Heli Challenge event
Heliing with Queenstown Snowcats
Diaries trip to Mt Aspiring National park
Filming for Prime Tv an Fuel Tv in Aust .

Ive been in Canada now for 3 weeks an will thrown some shots up shortly .

The view from out house , every morning ...

Cardrona early season,  the best road runs Ive ever done there, its snowed so far down.

Found this new chute to shred on the front side .

Abby stoked on riding Shotgun at the World Heli challenge

Amazing scenery .

This was the location of the Freestyle day , super fun 

Top of the World up there ....

Location of the Extreme day of the WHC 2011, pick ur line ...

Sunset Reflection off our house window

Taking off from a barge on the lake .

Queenstown SnowCats terrain 

Method over the clouds

Hiking to the crater ..

The Crater at the top of Whakapapa .

A chute I rode in the spring time .

Terrain from out the back of Treble cone 

View from the Heli.

View of Mt Aspiring from our camp site .

Browner spins with a back drop ...

Plenty of this for me after winter an before heading into another winter .
I love camping an surfing 

An also plenty of this aswell  , so much fun .

Lake Pukaki sunset on the drive up.

Camping in N.Z is as good as it gets , still morning on Lake Pukaki with Mt Cook in the background

Moto grom on the farm .

Ripping ....

1 last summer BBQ before heading away to another winter ,  ah I miss summer .