Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whistler Shredding !

The last few days have seen alot of snow getting dumped on Whistler/Blackcomb an the riding up there has been awesome , so deep in places !
They got around 80cm in 2 days .

Alot of people came to shred as the news spread fast , we got to the gondola at about 7.30am an the line up behind us was massive , stretching all the back to the bridge .

We enjoyed some great runs an got to explore the mountain  , which has alot of variety from Inbounds drops , to tight tree runs an nice open bowls ,
We ended up riding a famous run called " Peak to Creek" , to finish our day , which is basically from the top of Whistler all the way to Creekside at the bottom , as was an awesome way to finish the day !

A big shout out to Ryan Proctor at Whistler /Blackcomb P.R for the Tickets , cheers buddy

Waiting in the Gondola line 

 Blasting thru the trees 

Abs takes a nice inbounds drop

Stale off the rock .

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We've been in Canada now for 2 weeks an are having a ball , we spent a few days out on Vancouver island when we arrived , catching up with friends , went surfing an sorted our truck an sled .

 We've now in Squamish an have mostly been out shooting an sledding when the weather is good  
We had some unreal days out in the Backcountry shooting  , leaving at sunrise an getting home after sunset  ,  It's taken a couple of days getting back into it , working our way back up an get confident riding the sled  in pow again .

Snow conditions have been great recently, with consistent  snow falls coming down ,  we plan on staying here an shooting while its on, but also plan on heading down to Washington an Interior B.C .
keep ya posted 

Sombrio Beach

Walking out .

Abby stoked on the pow

Dont even ask what this is .......

Terrain everywhere.

Back up for another hit

Cab 5 into the pocket .

Snowboard Art ?