Thursday, February 10, 2011


We've been in Canada now for 2 weeks an are having a ball , we spent a few days out on Vancouver island when we arrived , catching up with friends , went surfing an sorted our truck an sled .

 We've now in Squamish an have mostly been out shooting an sledding when the weather is good  
We had some unreal days out in the Backcountry shooting  , leaving at sunrise an getting home after sunset  ,  It's taken a couple of days getting back into it , working our way back up an get confident riding the sled  in pow again .

Snow conditions have been great recently, with consistent  snow falls coming down ,  we plan on staying here an shooting while its on, but also plan on heading down to Washington an Interior B.C .
keep ya posted 

Sombrio Beach

Walking out .

Abby stoked on the pow

Dont even ask what this is .......

Terrain everywhere.

Back up for another hit

Cab 5 into the pocket .

Snowboard Art ?

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