Friday, January 28, 2011

Summer Enjoyment

This year I stayed in N.Z alittle longer than usual an enjoyed some summer time off the snow .

Every year I usually rush to get away an It can be frantic packing an getting everything together last minute ,  it was refreshing this year to take some time out an be abit more organised an revived ready to travel .

It was the longest I'd stayed in N.Z for over 10 years an although I was amping to snowboard , having a couple of extra weeks of summer really made the difference an made me appreciate wanting to travel .

Most of my summer consisted of surfing almost everyday , camping by the river , swimming ,  skateboarding , playing golf when the waves were flat , mountain biking , fishing  an generally hanging out an catching up with friends an family that I wouldnt usually see .

I got to hang out with my parents for a week which was special as they live in auckland now, an I dont get to see them that often.
My dad has started up a new school an moved up from Wanaka to get it underway they are doing really well up there an have settled into a good city lifestyle, we got to have a tour before all the students an staff arrived an it was amazing to see how much goes into building a School from scratch .

Next stop is Vancouver mid January an I'll bang up an update when I arrive .

Hotwater Beach from above early morning session

The point at Hottie peeling.

Abs about to plunge into a waterfall on the westcoast.

Making hay while the sun shines.

Cooks beach on the Coromandel is stunning .

Abby showing us how to jump.

Swimming in the river never gets old .

Family BBQ's

Golfing with the groms.

This was our setup for 2 weeks, right by the river an everything we needed .

School entrance.

The gym

Assembly room.

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