Monday, November 22, 2010

Vancouver Island

At the end of our trip this year we decided to check out Vancouver Island an have some time off snow before we flew home to N.Z

A good friend of ours Jonaven Moore lives out there now an invited us to come over an go surfing .
Jonavens place is right down on the ocean an is surrounded by massive trees , one of the coolest spots I'd been to in a while

Vancouver Island is rad an has a super laid back feel to it  , It reminded me abit of N.Z with is landscape an how cool the people were  .

We spend a day crusing around Victoria , which is the biggest city on the island an then a couple days out at Jordan River where Jonaven lives .

It was the perfect way to unwind after winter an really apprciate a new place ,  we drank some nice Canadian beers , cooked corn over the open fire , watched the rad sunsets  , surfed a cool new spot an meet some rad new friends .

Abby on the ferry ride over

Last rays of the day 

Enjoying the beach

Corn on the fire

Going surfing .

My first wave in Canada .

Jonaven in the pocket
Coffee on the Yacht .

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