Thursday, November 18, 2010

World Heli Challenge

This year I took part in the 2010 World  Heli Challenge an it was ablast !
Conditions wernt ideal throughout the event, but every1 involved was stoked an it turned out really well .
It was a real honour to be apart of this event, as alot of athletes from all over the world show up to compete

The WHC is not all about competiting an shredding narly lines in a contest format , it also includes fun activities such as , fishing ,  mustering deer , surfing , rally car driving ,  playing soccer an ofcoures partying an getting to meet new friends from all corners of the world .
I ended up placing 3rd overall an on the whole had a great time , a big thanks to Harro an all the crew who helped out , Im amped to come back next year already !

Freestyle day site 
Heli .
Top of the world 

Riders briefing .
View from above.

Extreme day location.

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