Friday, November 12, 2010

Mt Olympus Trip

This year in  August  , we headed up to Mt Olympus for a few days .
Greg Roebuck had flown out from the U.S , an we decided it was a good call to get out of Wanaka a couple days an hit the road
The club fields in N.Z have a special feeling to them , they attract people from all over the world who are always keen an have stories to share .
Mt Olympus is situated up in Canterbury , an is a wee gem of a mountain that has amazing terrain an alot of hiking potential  , great food , friendly staff an even a proper Hot tub for end of the day relaxing .
Here are some photos of out trip where got great snow an weather, be sure to check it out if your in the area !
Dont forget to take chains also, as the access roads dont get greated that often .

Can you say "Terrain" ?

Droping in ...

Inbounds natural ollie
Ruri scopes a line over the backside

Bottom Hutt. 

Access Road.  

Abs taking in the view, top of Lil Alaska  

That terrain in the background is all rideable !

Tailgrab into the pocket 

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