Wednesday, December 19, 2012


During the quiet time in november Abby an I decided to take a small summer holiday to Samoa , as neither of us had ever been away during summer an visited the pacific .

Samoa was so beautiful an everything about the country blew me away , the people were amazing , the water was so warm an clear for swimming an snorkeling , an the waves although are pretty fast an hollow the surfing there was really fun .

Below are a bunch of images that we complied during our trip of the places we went an the people we meet .

I'd recommend Samoa as its a nice balance between having a tropical island holiday aswell as mixing in a good travel experience .

Abbs enjoying the view from our Fale - Saituatua beach 

Swimming turtles are everywhere 

Soaking up the sun in the lagooon

Samoa beautiful sunsets 

Picking mangos from the tree 

To sua Ocean trench has a steep ladder 

Taga blowholes

Brekefast after surfing 

Apia bus station 

Bus shelter in Manase 


Fresh coconut water everyday

Lalomanu beach

Hollow an fast left point 

These guys run around everywhere 

Our beach Fale in manase

Manase beach

Apia food markets 

Down town Apia


Pineapples growing everywhere 

Beach lookout

Natural spring in manase

Amazing sunsets 

Going surfing at plum pudding

Local beer Vailima is so good 

Fun waves at plum pudding 

Nugg mans deck

ToSua ocean trench

Sunday, October 21, 2012

At the beginning of the year I had the chance to work an design my own signature shoe with DVSshoes 

Over the last few months its taken progress an now we have the finished product .
Pretty stoked on how it came out an it will be for-sale in March 2013 .

Also below are 2 video clips, 1 from my video part with VideoGrass 
an the other a clip we filmed this year for the Snowsnow .
check em out !

Shot from Whistler this year - Vernon Deck

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in NZ & NZ Season 2012 ....

Coming back home to NZ is the best feeling after being away for months on end .
After living in Canada for most of the northern hemisphere winter , we decided to spend some time in the Coromandel before coming down to Wanaka to settle into Winter .

The Coromandel is definitely 1 of my favorite places in N.Z to hang out , its so beautiful an is a nice place to unwind  after being away, Abbys family is also from there so its great catching up with them all aswell .

The winter in Wanaka this year has been fun , not a ton of regular snow falls , but still good times as usual .

Ive just decide to throw a bunch of images on here from the last while as it probably sums up best how the last few months have been

A few highlights also were :

- Travelling to Milford sound an camping, such a beautiful place with an amazing feel  .

- Competiting in the World Heli Challenge again an winning the overall Xfactor award an a free heli trip in Alaska .

- Shooting up in Ohau , I forget how beautiful that place is an the rad terrain is .

- Hanging an filming with Antti Autti for his new movie "Relate " , hes been a blast to shred with an get to know .

Video Links :

The 1st thing I did when i arrived home was have a surf an then sit in a natural Hot pool on the beach .

1st Broken board from surfing i ever did

Coromandel shack with backdrop

Fishing an catching snapper is good life in the Coro

Secluded beach break with golden sand .

View down to Wanaka from the freestyle day of the WHC .

Abbs blasting on the Extreme day of WHC 

Mt Albert , Extreme day location

Airing with the Cineflex heli in the background , Photo Tommy Pyatt.

Sam Smoothy begins his extreme day run.

Driving into Milford with Mighty Campers -

Amazing sunset at Milford sound.

Mitre Peak 

Ohau's back drop

Ohau Reflections

Back1 of this popper

Heliboarding wedge 

Antti scoping his line 

Back up for another 1 ...sure why not .