Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back in NZ & NZ Season 2012 ....

Coming back home to NZ is the best feeling after being away for months on end .
After living in Canada for most of the northern hemisphere winter , we decided to spend some time in the Coromandel before coming down to Wanaka to settle into Winter .

The Coromandel is definitely 1 of my favorite places in N.Z to hang out , its so beautiful an is a nice place to unwind  after being away, Abbys family is also from there so its great catching up with them all aswell .

The winter in Wanaka this year has been fun , not a ton of regular snow falls , but still good times as usual .

Ive just decide to throw a bunch of images on here from the last while as it probably sums up best how the last few months have been

A few highlights also were :

- Travelling to Milford sound an camping, such a beautiful place with an amazing feel  .

- Competiting in the World Heli Challenge again an winning the overall Xfactor award an a free heli trip in Alaska .

- Shooting up in Ohau , I forget how beautiful that place is an the rad terrain is .

- Hanging an filming with Antti Autti for his new movie "Relate " , hes been a blast to shred with an get to know .

Video Links :

The 1st thing I did when i arrived home was have a surf an then sit in a natural Hot pool on the beach .

1st Broken board from surfing i ever did

Coromandel shack with backdrop

Fishing an catching snapper is good life in the Coro

Secluded beach break with golden sand .

View down to Wanaka from the freestyle day of the WHC .

Abbs blasting on the Extreme day of WHC 

Mt Albert , Extreme day location

Airing with the Cineflex heli in the background , Photo Tommy Pyatt.

Sam Smoothy begins his extreme day run.

Driving into Milford with Mighty Campers -

Amazing sunset at Milford sound.

Mitre Peak 

Ohau's back drop

Ohau Reflections

Back1 of this popper

Heliboarding wedge 

Antti scoping his line 

Back up for another 1 ...sure why not .

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