Monday, November 22, 2010

Vancouver Island

At the end of our trip this year we decided to check out Vancouver Island an have some time off snow before we flew home to N.Z

A good friend of ours Jonaven Moore lives out there now an invited us to come over an go surfing .
Jonavens place is right down on the ocean an is surrounded by massive trees , one of the coolest spots I'd been to in a while

Vancouver Island is rad an has a super laid back feel to it  , It reminded me abit of N.Z with is landscape an how cool the people were  .

We spend a day crusing around Victoria , which is the biggest city on the island an then a couple days out at Jordan River where Jonaven lives .

It was the perfect way to unwind after winter an really apprciate a new place ,  we drank some nice Canadian beers , cooked corn over the open fire , watched the rad sunsets  , surfed a cool new spot an meet some rad new friends .

Abby on the ferry ride over

Last rays of the day 

Enjoying the beach

Corn on the fire

Going surfing .

My first wave in Canada .

Jonaven in the pocket
Coffee on the Yacht .

Last day riding for 2010

After the season was all done an dusted , we headed up to Cardrona for a couple of private sessions shooting photos an ripping the sled around .
It snowed a bunch more when we went up an it was a cool feeling having the whole mountain to ourselves with nobody around .

End of the season tail grab,  my final day riding for the 2010 season .

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Heliboarding at MT Cook .

In July I got invited to go Heliboarding with N.Z Snowboarder Magazine up at Mt Cook.
We were there to shoot an article for next year's issue , an while Ive heli'd around Wanaka , Queenstown an Methven I've never been up an flown around Mt Cook , so I was pretty excited .

Just flying up to the zone was a rush in itself , flying past massive peaks , big open fields ,  huge spines an shutes just waiting to be discovered .

We had a pretty good day on the whole even tho the weather had its own ideas towards the end , we built a jump , rode some fun pow together an I hiked a chute .
At the end of the day we all had a big long run down an were blown away with just how much terrain there is up there an how much potential MT cook has .
Thanks to NZsnowboarder Mag , an look out for the article in 2011 .

View from the heli .

Frozen lake formations
A chute I rode.

Tasman Glacier  


The kicker.

World Heli Challenge

This year I took part in the 2010 World  Heli Challenge an it was ablast !
Conditions wernt ideal throughout the event, but every1 involved was stoked an it turned out really well .
It was a real honour to be apart of this event, as alot of athletes from all over the world show up to compete

The WHC is not all about competiting an shredding narly lines in a contest format , it also includes fun activities such as , fishing ,  mustering deer , surfing , rally car driving ,  playing soccer an ofcoures partying an getting to meet new friends from all corners of the world .
I ended up placing 3rd overall an on the whole had a great time , a big thanks to Harro an all the crew who helped out , Im amped to come back next year already !

Freestyle day site 
Heli .
Top of the world 

Riders briefing .
View from above.

Extreme day location.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Mt Olympus Trip

This year in  August  , we headed up to Mt Olympus for a few days .
Greg Roebuck had flown out from the U.S , an we decided it was a good call to get out of Wanaka a couple days an hit the road
The club fields in N.Z have a special feeling to them , they attract people from all over the world who are always keen an have stories to share .
Mt Olympus is situated up in Canterbury , an is a wee gem of a mountain that has amazing terrain an alot of hiking potential  , great food , friendly staff an even a proper Hot tub for end of the day relaxing .
Here are some photos of out trip where got great snow an weather, be sure to check it out if your in the area !
Dont forget to take chains also, as the access roads dont get greated that often .

Can you say "Terrain" ?

Droping in ...

Inbounds natural ollie
Ruri scopes a line over the backside

Bottom Hutt. 

Access Road.  

Abs taking in the view, top of Lil Alaska  

That terrain in the background is all rideable !

Tailgrab into the pocket 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PBRJ Turoa

Volcom held there PBRJ up at Turoa again on October the 2nd .

I was invited to come along an  help  assist with the event
I got to catch up with a good friend Joel Spillane from Volcom Aust an also meet NZ reps Leston an Ants .
We also had a premier for Volcom newest snow movie 9191 which went off .!!
We had a blast of  time at  the event , JJ Raywood the newest addition to the Team won his age group
an the weather was killer the whole time .
Its always special returning back to Turoa to ride an ofcourse great to catch up with some old friends  .

Rack of Lamb ...yummm

Leston from Volcom NZ has a go at the box 

View from our balcony

JJ Raywood an Joel Spillane

Shredding crew 

I look forward to returning back next year !!

Transfer trip to Chile an Argentina

This year I was lucky enough to travel to Chile an Argentina with Transfer magazine , we were there about a month ,  we explored the mountains around Santiago  then drove further south to Termas de Chillan , spend 4 days out on the coast surfing an had some great days checking out the city of Santiago .
Then we fly to Bariloche Argentina an rode there before heading to Buenos Aries for 4 days of checking out there city
The whole trip was documented an will be in Transfer 2011 issue #1 , along with a couple of cool web edits
It was a great trip on the whole, a real experience an an awesome crew to travel with, Id highly recommend it to anyone .
Big shout out to Transfer Mag , LAN airlines , Pablo Azocar , Che Lulu an everybody eles that helped us out along the way

Its hard to sum up a trip with a handful or photos ,  so Ive just attatched a bunch of variety .

Russ watches a Local surfer at Punta de Lobos.

Nevados de Chillan


Beach Life 

Catedral in Bariloche

Argentina Coffee

Buenos Aries 

Santiago cruising 
Coastal Chile
Santiago Artwork

Amazing sunsets

Streets or Chillan

Camping at P.K

P.K at lowtide 

Packing up when the surf went flat .

Went surfing down in the Catlins a couple weeks back, camped right out on the point ,  ate good food, drank wine an enjoyed a nice beach fire with friends of the most beautiful places in the world  , with a quality surf break too .!
Will post the video edit shortly