Friday, March 18, 2011

Powdery March

March has been a heavy snow month here in Washington .
We've had alot of great days out shredding the mountain an sledding when the weather opens up .

Some highlights have included , sledding in the deepest snow an getting stuck more times than I can remember ,  Hiking around Stevens Pass an shredding pow runs down to the road  ,  Feeding the birds from our hands an exploring new terrain with friends 

I've had some time off after landing abit flat off a cliff recently , but feel pretty good now , an am off to Switzerland for the week to shoot with Snowboard Canada .

Here's a random collection of images over the last 2 weeks .

Good morning sled !

Indy off the 'Ugly' cliff 

Abby launching a tail grab 1st hit

Abby feeding the birds 

Pow turn down to the road

Inbounds ollie

Pondering some lines ...

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