Wednesday, June 1, 2011

1 last month

I just got back to N.Z a week ago , an the last month absolutely flew by , there were so many good times  that it was hard to keep track of it all , so I just thought I'd throw a bunch of different images I took off my Iphone that pretty much sum up the last month .

Some of the highlights include  Telus ski an snowboard Festival in whistler ,  Travelling thru to Lake Louise an the Banff area with Monster ,  Watching Street League in Seattle an attenting SuperPark 15 in Bend Oregon  .
A massive thanks to all the crew i hung out an rode with this last month , it was alot of fun   .

Back in Wanaka now getting ready for our winter , enjoying this nice warm weather an golfing most days , winter blog an update to come , enjoy the Iphone snaps

Abby an cat enjoy sushi

Blown belt  in the B.c ,  all part of the snowmobile game .

Canadian countryside outside of Golden B.C

10 dudes in this bus + 6 days travelling =  awesome times  

Stopped by in Revelstoke for some bowling .

 Mandatory roadtrip refreshments .

Played some golf in Squamish towards the end of spring .

Teeing off on the 12th 

Playground in Brandywine , a good spot to sled when its gregbird an snowing out .

Rode this slopestyle course in Whistler as part of the Telus festival , pretty fun !

Sushi with Videograss crew in Whistler 

Downtown Banff. 

The view at Lake louise 

Took in a Baseball game in Seattle , Go Mariners !!

1 of the features we hit at SuperPark 15  !

Stopped in at the Nike HQ in Oregon on the way to Super Park , got a sick tour around from my friend Scott .

Space Needle in Seattle 

Watch Street league in Seattle with friends, still blown away by how amazing the skating was .
1 of the highlights of my time away 

Riding down after an evening shoot at Superpark .

My last meal in the U.s after travelling for 4 /2 months  , mmm mexican .

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