Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Japan extended version

Here is an extended edit from Japan .
The 1st video we put out was mainly just a snowboard style vid with shot after shot etc....

We wanted to create another video an show people the feeling behind it an what goes into a few months in Japan an why we visited there .


A big thanks to Monster Energy for supporting the Project an also to Ashley Nichols at Holiday Niseko

The season in N.Z is starting to take shape now with a few consistent snow falls .
Cardrona an TC have been amazing the last few days , this shot below was from up TC a few days ago .

Pic: @abbylockhart

Pic : Brent Screen

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  1. Holy Moley will, dont tell me you are clearing the catty wayy down there? or is the photo just foreshortened with zoom, and theres a steep tranny closer? either way good to see you thriving in NZ and finding SWEET hits! - Riari