Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Northern Hemi winter .

Japan - NZ - Europe - Sweden .

This past winter in the Northern Hemi has been quite busy to say the least .

I started of in northern Japan just after xmas time an was there for 5 weeks in the Island of Hokkaido .
Japan had another record winter with consistent snowfalls through out January - Feb 

I came home for the birth of our daughter Lilan Ursula Jackways mid February which was an amazing .
Such a cool feeling to welcome some1 so special into the world .

After being home for a month I then went to Europe to shoot with Volcom an then on to Sweden for a heli trip with Antti Autti an Arctic Guides.

Some images below of the whole season recap , there will be a couple of edits coming out also .

Hiking to the goods in Japan an putting in the boot pack to session .

Evening glow in Niseko 

Method into the pocket while filming 

Mandatory cuisine shot  , Miso Ramen stable diet in Japan

Hanging the nose over before dropping in .

Sea of Japan , during a sight seeing / Scoping day

Mt Yotei - Thumbs up !

Dusting off the board in Laax before heading up for another hit

Toe-side slash 

Sinking the edge into some of Laax's finest 

Standing alone atop of the kicker , ready to session - Vernon Deck photo

Hiking in the tree's during an Arlberg blizzard   - Vernon Deck photo

Pow turn on the way down to Lunch - Vernon Deck photo

Punching out of the smoke cloud - Vernon Deck photo

Scenic shot from our cabin balcony in Bjorkliden Sweden

Antti testing out the snowpack on our first heli run 

Antti ready to drop ( its a long way down ! ) 

The view form the drop in 
An the view below 

Antti an Anders the guide looking at potential lines

A quick glimpse on the way up , then before you know it your ontop of the line 

The view from below 
Options ...

More options….

Sweden's beautiful landscape from the heli window 

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