Sunday, March 16, 2014

2014 Winter Begins

The last few months have flown by for me, as I think back its been a great adventure since leaving Wanaka on a hot summers day .

My Itinerary has been all over the place , but everywhere Ive travelled has been a great mix of good snow an a great experience .

Wanaka - Quebec - Vancouver - Laax - Sochi -  Seattle .

I will try to update more of the next few months as winter here in the US gets in full swing .

Alot of swimming in Lake Wanaka before heading away to winter 

An abit of cliff jumping aswell .

Picking fresh Apricots in Cromwell was alot of fun , an good way to stock up on preserves for winter 

Managed to sneak in a couple trips to the beach for waves before leaving , this was a fun session just outside of Dunedin .

The Catlins has to be seen to be believed , very remote an beautful landscape .

Our friends Miriam an Brent got married right down on the lake in Wanaka an it was a beautiful day .

I got the chance to visit Quebec City on the East coast of Canada , an the place was amazing 
Very old city an great history everywhere with cool buildings

Friend an ripper Chery Mass spinning back 7 tail during the contest 

Christy Pryor from NZ won her 1st Wold cup an it was a fantastic result for her :) 

I spent a few days in Vancouver before heading to Europe an meet up with my good friend Nic Heringa - ripper snowboarder , Mayor of Mt Seymour an Owner/CEO of Salmon Arms gloves .

Here he is preparing to Shred Seymour on the sunny days we had 

Big Nic , Back side handplant .

I spend just under a week in Laax Switzerland , an had the pleasure of catching up with a good friend of mine an old school buddy Jah Harris .
Jah is in charge of the park in Laxx  ( which is so fun  ) an I was lucky enough to have him as my guide  for a few days to explore the mountain .

Snow was good in Laax the whole week , Pow turn before Fondue dinner 

Laax has a great Super pipe too , which is always fun to rip a few runs down .

I had the privilage to visit Sochi an be apart of the Winter Olympics 2014 
The experience was amazing an to be apart of something so special with so much history was a real pleasure .
This shot above was walking thru the village an seeing all the 83 teams flags 

Mandatory Olympic Rings shot.

I had the chance to explore the resort in Rosor Kutor alittle an the terrain there is something amazing.
good hiking right off the gondola an alot of steep chutes  .

Fun feature I found when shooting inbounds , overlooking the finish line area for the giant slalom 
The slope course was where I spent most of my time while in Russia 

After the contest had finished I was able to spend a day or 2 taking in some of the other events .
the Icehockey was a highlight 4sure 

The Luge was exciting to watch aswell, those guys fly down the course 

After the Olympics had finished I flew to Seattle an got to meet up with Abby .
It was nice to be back in the US an get ready for winter over here .
Abby above exploring the Washington coast , Lighthouse 

Token shot in front of Pike place market 

Seattle has some amazing art work right in the city there , including the very interesting Gum wall where people leave there used gum on the wall to creat art .
Alittle grose but intriguing at the same time 

Coming back to Stevens Pass is always a blast as its been my home mountain away from home .
the terrain is amazing , the locals super friendly an as you can see by our crib about they get alot of snow .

Stevens pass Local an friend Ian wood signals he's ready to drop during filming .
Feeding the grey jays up Stevens , they are so tame they just chill right on your hand an eat from it 

Hiking amongst the Washington Giants in Mt Baker 

Crazy ice formations on Mt Baker Glacier 

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